Events- Hands Wows Visitors At India Design Id 2023

Hands wows visitors at India Design ID 2023

Posted on - 21 March 2023


Hands wows visitors at India Design ID 2023


Outside, it was a huge and stark grey box with the word DISPERSE in big and bold letters. The inside was a compelling contrast. An all-black mysterious space, where the only lit elements were the carpets – eleven of them. Engulfing all the space in between were voices recounting a love story, engaged in reflective monologues.


This was a gist of the immersive and much spoken-about Hands booth at India Design ID 2023 – a 100 sqm multi-sensorial experience.



The words that welcomed visitors at the entrance were also a hint of the experience that was to follow. Deep and dark with blackened-out walls, the main display area was designed like a maze, with carpets strategically mounted and focus-lit to guide the walkthrough. 



Dramatically mounted in the space were the fine carpets from DISPERSE – the new Hands collection that features ten distinct contemporary carpet designs, each in two colourways, exquisitely hand knotted in botanical silk. These are carpets of extraordinary shine and lustre that reveal form, detail and character. The event marked the global launch of the collection.



This projected film was a key element in the multi-sensorial experience. A timeless tale interweaving the themes of Carpetmaking, Emotion, and Light - inspired by the DISPERSE collection. With the spoken word welcoming and staying with the visitors throughout, and the visuals of Joy and Noor presenting a grand revelation at the end. This was Design Emotion, of another kind.




At the terminus of the Hands all-black booth was a little white room. On one wall was a 2 sq metre sample piece from Hands’ marquee project – the World’s Largest Handmade Carpet, crafted for the Grand Mosque of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, the largest mosque in Central Asia. On another wall was the list of worldwide projects spanning the globe.

'Stunning', 'lovely', ‘immersive’ and 'one of a kind,’ as described by visitors, the Hands booth at India Design ID 2023 was an art installation unto itself, where Hands presented its new collection, and its brand ethos of design and craftsmanship in a mesmerising, new way.