Design defines the experience of a carpet, pushing the boundaries of the craft. Carpets
are truly art that’s transcendent, to not just please the eye but to inspire joy.

To create art that’s timeless, that inspires joy. Over the years, we’ve mastered making
authentic carpet designs that don’t just please the eye, but touch the soul. We call it
design emotion.


Hands in-house designers explore the latest
global trends in design, fashion, interiors, and
popular culture.

Design languages span Contemporary, Transitional, Art deco and Persian styles.
Finely detailed classical motifs. Abstract forms. Subtle tonal nuances and bold
pop art colours. The design repertoire is vast.

Our company encapsulates values like imagination, excellence, originality and
sophistication shared by all our collections.


Handmade carpets as the voice and value
of a common global culture

One love, an artistic collaboration of 9 designers from 9 different countries.
Carpets representing designer’s interpretations of their respective
countries in the pursuit of excellence.

From the vividly colored Australian reefs to the
complex patterns of Russian ice fractals. From the very origin of human civilization
in Turkey to the contemporary icons of Italian architecture. Each designer
brings in their distinct local cultures and artistic influences to reimagine the
eternal, common elements of the sky and sea.
A celebration of our diverse world, these designs are brought to life by Hands.

It is a reflection of humanity’s fortitude that goes beyond all limits to connect
and empower the entire world.


One special request came to us, for a prestigious waterfront hotel. The brief was unusual.
A design that captured the waves left behind by a motorboat speeding across the water, with
the colours of oil when sunlight bounced off its surface. The L-shaped carpet was large, spanning
over 12 metres on either side.

Our design team explored the theme in various ways, and finally came up with a carpet that
presented the idea in a unique way. With 16 colours in 36 combinations, and without a single
repeat, the result went on to define the space.

At the end, it leads to just one thing. An exceptional carpet that’s truly one of a kind.

So if you have a fleeting idea about a carpet for your space, talk to us.

Design Emotion

i was a thread once
and then I found my way
i was a stitch once with so much to say
i wove together all the joy you seek
for I am the warmth the passion and the
hands beneath your feet.