Designer-Tuna Meier

Tuna Meier is a Packaging Designer and an Event Designer who develops corporate identity design, design and packaging design for a dermocosmetic brand.

She enjoys discovering fresh ideas with her five-year-old daughter and conceptualising new design possibilities.

Tuna Meier collarge

A Harmony of Cultures

My home country is a unique intersection of culture bridging the East and the West. Our heavily diverse culture rich archaeological legacy makes for a treasure trove of inspiration.

Tuna Meier theme
Tuna Meier theme
Tuna Meier theme

The Beginning of Everything

Last year, I visited Göbeklitepe, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Deemed to be the 'zero point in time”, Göbeklitepe is the world’s oldest temple dating back to around 10,000 BC.

For my carpet design, I chose to represent the origin of human civilisation. When the sky and the sea were one. As we welcome a new world, we must look back and honour the past.

Tuna Meier design
Tuna Meier design
Tuna Meier carpet

A Changing World

Rethinking and redesigning is a must for developing new structures and adapting our everyday life to new situations. Just like this project, different people will come together to fulfill a common purpose. This is people’s awareness of unity emerging. We must continue the same spirit of unity to live in peace.