Designer-Svetlana Selivanova

Svetlana Selivanova is an interior designer specialising in living spaces. Her work with Sinta Architects focuses on making the client’s home more comfortable while expressing their individual identity.

Her project designing the interiors of a 31 square metre apartment in Moscow was nominated for ‘Best Russian Project 2019’ award.

Svetlana Selivanova collarge

Home from a New Perspective

I believe people will value great interior design even more now. Living spaces will be upgraded to be comfortable and inspiring while ensuring the inhabitants are better prepared for all challenges.

To this end, modern architecture is my biggest source of inspiration. I always visit modern architecture landmarks on my travels. Especially the structures designed by Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish architect known for his daring neo-futurist designs. His buildings combine art and architecture in a way that makes you feel instantly comfortable.

Svetlana Selivanova pic
Svetlana Selivanova pic
Svetlana Selivanova design

She enjoys literature on Architecture and delicious coffee with chocolate.

Shapes of Water

Russia is a country that sees water more often as ice. The limitless natural intricate beauty of ice and snow. So familiar, yet so exquisite. Many Russian fairy tales also carry these ice-inspired patterns. It connects all our childhoods and is a symbol of innocence, hope and dreams.

Just as humanity can be seen at its best when faced with challenges. These patterns are the outcome of the dramatic clashes between water’s warmth and the frigid Russian air. Glorious in harmony. I believe this is the core of the One Love collaboration.

Svetlana Selivanova design
Svetlana Selivanova design
Svetlana Selivanova carpet

Better, Brighter

It’s natural to be apprehensive about the state of the world changing before us. But on closer inspection, I feel that all changes in our life can lead to a better world. Let this transformation be a beautiful journey that leads us to a better future.