Regina Davila’s work focuses mostly on commercial and corporate designs. Her studio, Interni Arquitectos, works on concept creation, architectural design, interior specifications and design, technical development and construction.
Amongst their many accolades, the Gold Medal in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2019 in the regional category for ‘Corporate Design’ for the office project for British American Tobacco stands out.
Regina enjoys watercolour painting in her spare time.

Regina Davila collarge

Human at the Centre of Design

What I create is always driven by human beings and their well-being within the design. Now more than ever, conscious design will play a fundamental role in architecture and interior design. Forced to live inside our homes for long stretches has helped us realise the importance of spaces we occupy.

Regina Davila chair

My balcony helps me concentrate.

Where the Sky and Water Meet

My favourite place in Guatemala, Lake Atitlán, represents an encounter with my ancestors, nature, and the beauty of the world. Here, the dramatic forms of the surrounding mountains integrate beautifully with the lake’s calm countenance. Mirroring the sky, the lake is also a symbol of the universal unification of humankind.

For me, carpets are like pieces of art that complement the experience of the space they occupy. Using watercolours, I illustrated the design to carry the experience of Atitlán. Water being the unifying element had to be a part of the design process too.

Regina Davila paint

Being in Atitlán is like living among the clouds. Hence, the carpet’s texture is designed as ‘a walk through the clouds’.

Regina Davila paint

To Make a Difference in the World

Designing for the world goes beyond organisational responsibility. Each designer must utilise their skills to give back to the world. This is the time to think beyond ourselves and to be responsible with our surroundings. In this way, we will be truly walking towards a better world.

So, I wish that we were all more grateful, more empathetic, less spiteful and that each one of us could abilities to do good.