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Pamela Caspani was the Senior Designer on projects like the Belgrade Waterfront and Sava Promenade at CallisonRTKL (London). Currently, she is working with the Local Government in Victoria, Australia, on various urban projects.

A mother of 3, she spends her time seeking adventures and inspiration on her travels.

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One Heart, One Love

I hail from a large, beautiful hinterland rainforest region in Queensland in Australia. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of Queensland.

The Heart Reef within the Great Barrier Reef is a natural embodiment of the project. Its ecological might and shape is a lovely symbolic representation of One Love.

I sought to capture the Heart Reef’s many layers of stunning beauty and marry them together into one carpet. The vast, mosaic patterns of reefs, islands and coral cays as seen from above.
The intricate, geometric coral patterns underwater.

A Story in Every Design

I believe that design at every scale tells a story.
When this project was offered to me, I decided to spin a narrative for the carpet in my head.
This guided my design process.

Pamela Caspani collection
Pamela Caspani collection
Pamela Caspani collection
Pamela Caspani collection

I intended this rug to be perceived as a sophisticated piece of art. A piece of art to be admired, discussed and debated. Reminiscent of my home country’s natural beauty, this carpet is a portal to an Australian adventure.

Pamela Caspani collection

Towards a Kinder World

This project is a testament to our global unity. By representing my country, I want to show we are all in this together with love for everyone, one planet, and one future. Let’s be kind to each other, our elders, our earth, and ourselves, and not just in times like these.