Architect Padmini Pandey runs an award-winning design practice, Studio Padmini Pandey in Mumbai, with a design collaboration in Milan. Noted for work in hospitality and luxury homes, the studio specialises in Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, and Lighting Design. Padmini's years of academic and professional experience, across Europe and Asia, and collaborations with global brands like Swarovski, are reflected in her architectural design sensibilities and creations. Aesthetic emotional experiences, imbued in function, is fundamental to her distinct design style.

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Born from the Heart

I saw the global crisis affecting the emotional well-being of everyone around me. The whole of humanity overwhelmed. The idea of collaborating across borders to give back to the society seemed like one filled with hope and resilience.

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Traveling and spending time with nature are Padmini’s biggest inspirations.

Roots in Spirituality

My ancestral city of Benaras stands for spirituality, faith and positivity. This is where the holy river of Ganga and the divinity of Hindu deity Shiva converge. The positive energy radiating from this sangam (confluence) is infused in the very design of my carpet. This design is my tribute to my ancestors and a prayer of positivity for the current and future generations.

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Luisa Scanu

A Unified Consciousness

We have to rise above our petty differences. Whether in times of great progress or in crisis, love is what makes the world go round. Humanity is the only religion and the world is one big country.