Designer-Katia Santillán S.

An architect and interior designer by profession, Katia Santillán S. dedicates a large part of her time to academic life. Along with a group of experimental and artistic creation courses, she teaches Interior Design at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC).

She finds inspiration in contemporary art and in the experimental processes of artistic creation.

Katia Santillán S. collarge

The Geometry of Nature

I am fascinated by how order manifests itself in nature. The balance between disparate elements.
I find a lot of inspiration within it.

Having lived in Peru all my life, the intricate system of large and small mountain ranges of the Andes is essential to my identity. It is this familiarity and sense of belonging that I seek to reflect in my carpet design.

Katia Santillán S. scene

Rainbow Mountain (Andes) photographed by Emmet Sparling

A Way Back Home

I think the new design movement will focus on reconnecting us with our roots. Recently, we’ve all been forced to reflect inwards and find beauty in our immediate vicinity. Communicating with nature is key to establishing these old, familiar connections. This carpet design, with the stunning Peruvian mountain ranges at its centre, is my way of paying homage to my roots.


Katia Santillán S. theme
Katia Santillán S. collection

A Time to Grow

The world as we know it doesn’t exist anymore. Circumstances have pushed us to revaluate our lifestyle and focus on the essentials. Design and architecture will now have a more empathic and conscious approach with the environment and with people in general. We should embrace the crisis as an invitation for us to grow and co-create a new world.