Karla Celorio designs luxury residences, corporate spaces and restaurants. She is also the founder of
Atmosphera Design Studio (interior design firm) and HC28 (furniture showroom).

She enjoys travelling and learning about the lifestyles of new cultures.

Karla Celorio collarge

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

The traditional home is being reimagined. It’s not just a place where you can rest but also work,
socialise, and exercise. To live surrounded by beauty, comfort
and functionality is more important than ever.

Carpets are a key element in all my interior design projects. They carry the potential to transform a
space completely. With this carpet’s design, I’ve tried to
capture Mexico’s vibrant culture which can brighten up any room.

Karla Celorio theme
Karla Celorio theme
Karla Celorio theme

Karla working out of her family home in Riviera Maya.

The Many Faces of Mexico

With beaches, underground sea caves, mountains and volcanoes, Mexico has one of the richest and most diverse terrains in the world. Nature in its numerous forms around me inspires me.


Spending time at my family home in Riviera Maya, I see the most wonderful colour combinations, patterns and shapes. The natural formations of the rocks, the deep blue sea, white sandy beaches, and the clouds in the sky. My Mexico is really a Paradise. This is what I want my carpet design to reflect.

Karla Celorio scene
Karla Celorio scene
Karla Celorio collection

World Anew

This is the time to make a meaningful and lasting shift in our priorities, core values and lifestyle. It’s in our hands to make this new way of life count. As with the One Love project, we must do this with solidarity, unity, compassion and of course, love.