Tips to buy the best living room carpets for your living abode!

Posted on - 27 July 2021


Do you want to buy the best living room carpet for your sweet abode but the variety of the beautiful carpets available in the markets are leaving you puzzled and bedazzled? Do these varied carpet designs for living rooms confusing you to take a final call on which room rug you should choose which can go along with your living room decor?

We understand your dilemma and hereby bring this blog to handhold you for we know that investing in this handcrafted legacy makes a big decision of lifetime.

The blog carries important tips to help you buy the right carpet for your sweet abode which can bring warmth, beauty and harmony to your space, give an appealing look to your living room and redefine your living space by making it appear larger.

So here are some quick tips to help you take the right decision to bring a timeless legacy (beautiful carpets) to your home which can redefine carpet flooring aesthetics…


  1. Select the right-sized carpet: Choosing the right carpet size is a fundamental step for designing a room. The carpet, in fact, acts like an anchor of your space and when picked and measured correctly, it shall add colours to your room, pull the furniture pieces together, and can even make a room appear larger. Also, it can help in the segregation of each area to define and redefine sections to make multi-purpose spaces. Many people make a common mistake of choosing a standard sized carpet and assume that it will work in each and every room. However, this is not the actual case. In fact, carpets are never one-size-fits-all. Each room comes with its own set of considerations to account for going for carpet shopping or else buying carpets online.
  2. Choose the place where the Living Room Rugs will be spread: Lifestyle makes a big impact while shopping for living room rugs. An elegant finely woven rug makes the choice if the living room is being used for entertainment. But, if the living room is a relaxing space for family, there is a need for a casual and less formal carpet.
  3. Select the right carpet design to go with living room interiors: Patterns and contrasting colours add a tinge of visual interest to monochromatic living rooms. They also make impact on other rooms which are decorated with neutral colours. Also, consider what the rest of the living room looks like, or how you would like it to be before deciding on the colours or rug patterns.

  4. Choose the texture of the living room carpets depending on its use: Deciding on the texture of the living room is yet again an important parameter and lifestyle does play a significant role in deciding on this fact. If the family walks barefoot in the room, a softer material like wool and silk works better for home carpet. If house pets and small children run afoot, then, durable rugs such as Flat Weaves or Wool rugs in darker colours are advisable. If comfort is high on your list, then soft fibers such as bamboo silk and silk area rugs bring the perfect indulgence for your feet.
  5. Select the rug colours and patterns depending on the room’s decor: The rug colors and patterns should be carefully chosen and should go along with the interiors of the room. They should be carefully chosen by homeowners as they shall spend a lot of time with the living room area rugs. So, they should be confident that they enjoy these shades. They should know that a large-scale open designer rug available with soft colors can ground a room that visually appears busy.
  6. Try bringing in a layered rug approach in the living room: Layering area rugs bespeaks an interesting story on the floors of your living room. The combinations of stacking antique/vintage give new options for decor. For example, spreading a more solid colored rug first which is followed by a patterned rug which has the color of the first rug on it creates a unique colour story which can leave you in awe of its beauty. Now, you must be clear in your mind what all aspects need to be considered before buying a living room carpet. So go ahead and invest in a home carpet which adds dimension and personality to your living room and builds a bond of harmony while helping in laying the foundation of the home of your dreams. Consider these tips as you plan buying carpets for home to ensure the rug you buy compliments the other fabrics and materials cladding the room which include the curtains, sofa and chairs, and the throws. Remember, rugs are a legacy investment and hence leads the rest of the décor.