The Art of Larry Roberts – From Canvas to Carpet

Posted on - 02 January 2024


Hands carpets have for long been synonymous with ‘art on the floor,’ reflecting the timeless essence of luxury. The concept takes on new meaning in the Larry Roberts Collection, which was launched at the grand opening of the marquee Hands store in Mumbai. The eponymous collection features carpet designs that are inspired by the original artworks of the late visionary artist.

About the Artist



Larry Roberts was a visionary colourist from Chicago, renowned for his abstract figurative, expressionist, and impressionist paintings. Self-taught, his distinctive style, marked by the ingenious use of acrylics and bold application of colour, has left an indelible mark on the world of art. Music, poetry, and nature were a large part of his creative process, which was driven by a deep concern for the world. His art is now immortalised in this eponymous collection by Hands.

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“Larry would begin each canvas or piece of wood by applying a simple base coat, paying attention to natural textures, leaving certain areas empty for later inspiration. While working, he'd strum the guitar, sketch, or write poetry. He would spend time with each artwork, allowing it to speak to him and guide him in revealing the direction he was meant to take.
As he worked, adding and removing layers of paint, the images would gradually emerge.”

- Laurie Roberts, Principal at Larry Roberts Chicago and Wife of the Late Artist


About the Collection

Each rug is made to order using the time-honoured techniques of hand knotting and hand tufting, passed down through generations. Crafted from the finest New Zealand Wool and Mulberry Silk, these carpets capture the subtle interplay of light. Marrying the realms of art and luxury craftsmanship, resulting in a collection of carpets that transform living spaces into artistic canvases.

"Laurie's journey to India, to explore the possibility of translating Larry's artworks into rugs, proved to be an inspiring collaboration. For projects like these, it is crucial to understand the vision of the designers; to immerse ourselves in their perspective, their evolving emotions, and their creative process.


Replicating the intricate shades and colours from the paintings demanded a masterful display of craftsmanship, underlined by meticulous effort, time, and a deep understanding. Achieving the desired outcome was a journey of its own, and the admiration the collection has received is truly gratifying."


- Ravi Patodia, Chairman, Hands


The collection features several trademarked designs, each with its unique story.



Available in Green, Platinum, Camel
This carpet portrays a figure slowly taking form, with gentle movements, graceful curves, and intricate contours. It embodies an enigmatic presence, inviting exploration and discovery.




Beneath the layers, colours intermingle, offering a glimpse into the artist's exploration of the subtleties of hue. Reflecting not only the play of sunlight but also the artist's inner light, a testament to his mastery as a colourist.




Available in Grey, Orange, Blue

In this composition, the artist's brushstrokes are imprecise yet harmoniously precise, bearing witness to the organic perfection of each stroke. Each mark is created with a deft, relaxed hand, resulting in a truly masterful piece.




Available in Red, Blue, Green

This design transports one to the ancient city of Volterra concealed behind formidable stone walls. It captures the essence of the city's captivating mystery, encouraging observers to contemplate the depth of its timeless soul.




A design that captures a retreat into the woods – the rustle of leaves and branches, the gentle whisper of the wind, the melodic calls of birds, and the fleeting grace of butterflies. For the artist, it was a source of rejuvenation, therapy, and meditation, offering a profound connection to the restorative power of the natural world.

In essence, the collection embodies a compelling union of artistic ingenuity and impeccable craftsmanship. In which the carpets transcend their utilitarian purpose, evolving into exquisite pieces of art that elevate the ambiance of their chosen space. Available in 8’x10’, and customisable to any size.

To experience the collection, please visit Hands showrooms in India, Dubai, and Singapore, or explore more here.