Pantone Colour Of The Year

Posted on - 24 May 2018



Ohh's official, Ultra-Violet, it is!

The world of design has introduced trends to be followed throughout. One such trend is Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet which is surely going to bring in many wonderful surprises to our interiors. Let's see how...

An interior design moment we wait for all year is the Pantone Color of the Year. The hue attempts to set the tone for the year ahead while it takes the cue from the year behind us. This year, the color experts at Pantone selected a hue that's unexpected yet refreshing-Ultra Violet. The celestial shade of purple, Ultra Violet has also been described as a 'provocative and thoughtful purple shade' that embodies individuality and spirituality. Though Purple tends to be a divisive color for many; people who love it, love it wildly; those who hate it are equally passionate. However, the hue has always been associated with royalty, wealth, complexity, craftsmanship and is beautifully-surprisingly accessible.

When it comes to interior design and decoration, Pantone's color of the year plays an influential role in dictating trends.

Pantone States

Ultra Violet can transform a room into one of extraordinary self-expression, or conversely its polish can tone down a room with subdued, modern pairings. Adding spice and brightness, Ultra Violet calls attention to a tufted couch, piece of art or accent wall. As a color that can take you in so many directions, Ultra Violet makes a statement in any space, whether it’s one of tradition and elegance or unexpected boldness

Start Small

Though the color promises to lend your decor an intriguing yet gentle touch, it is not necessary to drench your home into this particular shade. It is advisable to make this just-out color a part of your home dexterously. Be it your furnishings, furniture or any part of the house; choosing this color means you are ready for a bold choice that can bring confidence and originality to a space when styled rightly.

Entryways First

Like they say we never get a second chance to make a great first impression, choosing the correct hues of Ultra Violet for entryways, hallways or foyer can beautifully highlight the architectural features like arched walls or vaulted ceilings etc. Make sure that these areas get plenty of lights to keep the purple from veering gloomy. Complete the drama with functional pieces hands carpets and decor accents which can bright out the beauty of the color without overwhelming the look.

Style Tips:

For accent decoration, you can also opt for hand knotted or hand woven carpets and handmade luxury area rugs. Our AKASA and COSMIC will blend well with any entryway or foyer setting. For more designs, you can also visit our carpet showroom in Delhi.





Walls With Character

A room with an accent wall go hand in hand. You can plan the decor of the entire space with fine handmade carpet, based on that particular wall. Opt for paint or a textured wallpaper, Ultra Violet could be perfectly paired with white ceiling, wooden flooring and furniture in bright or light colors such as coral, tangerine, grey or beige.

Style Tip

Choosing a luxury carpets & rugs in hues of purple can also compliment your wall. You can choose from a range of hand knotted carpets in these tones such as CHAOS, MOTLEY, MEZZOTINT or visit our carpet showroom in Delhi for more range. Apart from adding purple to your home, it will an ideal art piece as well.







Accent with Furnishings

Adding this color into your furnishings is another way of playing with Ultra-Violet. Giving a royal and sensual feel, choosing solid velvet drapes in Ultra Violet can enhance the charisma of the space. If drapes are not your choice, go ahead with solid color cushion covers. Mix the color with neutral shades like calming pastels to highlight the shade even more.

Style Tip: Don't go bold. Opt for all shades of purple for your sofa to achieve an impressive yet timeless look.

Floor It Right

From harmonizing the space to sprucing up an area quickly and tastefully, rugs and carpets truly make a room. Imagine this! A straight-line living space with mostly neutral and beige tone. The best way to brighten up such space is adding a decorative rug in Ultra Violet. Choose from bolder shades of violet to lighter shades of lavender, your rug remains the focal point of the room.

Style Tip:

There are many carpets showroom in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai to source hand woven and hand knotted rugs. However, we suggest our best-buys to ease your work. If you like prints or textured rugs in Ultra Violet, opt for LOZENGE, SPHERE or CATENA. If lighter and simple shade is your go-to color, go ahead with SEQUENCE, IRIS or LUCERNE to complete the look.