Know Well Before Choosing A Carpet

Posted on - 25 July 2019


Before you are in the market for a new carpet, we would like you to research your options well and then lock it!

Let's accept this! Carpet has a style all its own. From luxurious and elegant to casual and comfortable, carpet flooring can change the mood and feel of the space. But the tale doesn't end here. Apart from style and feel, Room Carpet provides excellent insulation value to a space, much more than hard surface flooring materials. It has also been proven through numerous studies that carpet flooring is more beneficial than hard surface flooring for people with breathing problems. But is it enough before zeroed in on a home carpet or office carpet? Buying carpet is not something most of us do often; in fact, we may only buy carpet a few times in a lifetime. Do you think that it is easy for a buyer to be confused by the carpet buying process, and end up with a carpet that will not meet their needs. Therefore the best bet is to educate yourself and research your option before you opt for any carpet and rugs online or at a store. Below is a useful guide for a better understanding:

Never Hung Up On Weight

No, the carpet with a higher face weight (weight of the carpet pile per square yard of the carpet) is not always better than a carpet with a lower one. There are too many other factors to determine the quality such as height, plush, material, and method of weaving. So, it is always a good idea to see the pile samples up close and determine if it's comfortable and manageable enough for your liking. It is also said that deeper carpet piles provide a luxurious look whereas short piles are much easier to maintain and care for.

Colours To Go

Choosing the right colour or pattern for your carpeting can be the most intensive part of the buying, knowing that the option is endless. But aesthetic-wise, you should always choose a living room carpet that will suit the colour scheme of your living space. You can also go for colours that can change your mood for different functions. But it is going to be for office space, you may use light blues and greens to stimulate the mind and give you a sense of calm.

Skipping Padding Is A No

This is the worst mistake we make when buying a new carpet for home. We know you may not want to spend extra money on something you can't even see. Well, we can't stress it enough; your carpet is only good as your underpad. Padding protects your carpet from small to high pressure. Apart from working as a support system, padding is a home insulator, as well as a sound absorber.

Learn Installation Style

Though it looks easy, it isn't! We advise you to trust Google for this. There are many links available that give you step-by-step instruction and are easy-to-follow as well.

Care It Well

Though most of the carpets come with a specific set of instructions for maintenance, the best way to clean your carpet mostly depends on its material and fibre content. Try using a vacuum cleaner once in a week to clean your carpet. Avoid too much abrasion as it can affect the quality of your carpet and quicken the wear. Also, for hand-tufted carpet and handwoven carpet, you may want to use a vacuum cleaner without a rotating head.