Hands Instinct: Inspired by the Joy of Unrestrained Expression

Posted on - 08 August 2023


Hands Instinct: Inspired by the Joy of Unrestrained Expression

In circa 100,000 B.C. Africa, an early human makes a marking on a rock with ground red ochre, which goes on to become the first human artistic representation in documented history. Tens of thousands of years later, a Neanderthal makes a red hand stencil in a cave in Spain, which is the oldest known cave painting today. And now in the 21st century, somewhere in the virtual world, an artist is pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling by employing generative AI.
While tools, technology, and our very intellect may have evolved over millennia, what has remained constant, since the dawn of humankind, is the singular, primal instinct to express oneself through art.

INSTINCT. All art is expression.

INSTINCT is a collection inspired by the joy of unrestrained, intuitive expression, featuring ten distinct carpet designs hand tufted in the finest botanical silk and wool. From soft, flowing patterns to sharp, angular lines, the design of each carpet is crafted to evoke a powerful emotional response.


Courage and ambition take the form of bold angular lines in Adrift, encouraging one to dream, dare, and embrace a world of possibilities. Available in Grey Gold, Grey Rust, and Grey Teal
The colour palette is contemporary and chic, with a dual colour tone for each carpet. The range of captivating shades includes Lavender Grey, Olive Grey, Beige Charcoal, and Grey Rust, which add a touch of timeless elegance to modern aesthetics.


The creative spirit flows free in Ardor, as seen in its gushing watercolour-like patterns seeking connection and bridging gaps.
Available in Taupe Green, Grey Gold
Options like Taupe Gold, Blue Beige, Grey Beige, Grey Blue, and Grey Gold infuse sophistication into any space.


The converging lines of the Amity carpet celebrate the beauty of connection and harmony, inspiring a sense of warmth and togetherness.
Available in Grey Rust, Taupe Gold


Spontaneity with playful overtones. Chimera at first greets you with a sense of order only to mischievously reveal that there are gaps in all that we perceive.
Available in Blue Grey, Gold Beige

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