A Celebration of the Rare Beauty of Opposites





Hands at India Design ID 2024: A Celebration of the Rare Beauty of Opposites On the exterior of the booth, divided by a corner of the wall, an intriguing silhouette of a woman with two distinct faces adorned the space, with the word ANTONYM lettered within the silhouette. Her bifurcated countenance - together and apart all at once - symbolised the dichotomies which the nine carpets explored inside the booth




Inside the booth, the warm embrace of gentle lighting enveloped the space, accentuating the intricate details of every piece. As visitors ventured further into the booth, they found themselvesnavigating through a carefully designed path, leading them through a series of immersive installations where two opposing forces or ideas seamlessly unite into one breath-taking whole.




Nine distinctive carpets from the ANTONYM collection stood strategically mounted throughout the space. Each creation, a celebration of the rare beauty of opposites, is exclusively hand tufted with the finest botanical silk and wool. The harmonious presence of the two natural fibres is reflected in the luxurious texture and exquisite, untamed sheen of the carpets. The event also marked the global launch of the collection.




Born of disruptive imagination, each installation artfully captures the essence of the ANTONYM collection. Here, every glance promises a journey through between form and the formless, dissolving the boundaries of convention, making way for the new.




At the terminus of the booth was the lounge room, its walls bedecked with a selection of finest hand-knotted carpets. Intricately woven, knot by knot, inch by inch, and crafted to perfection, each carpet showcased here possessed a unique individuality that would be difficult to reproduce ever again.

The Hands booth at India Design ID 2024 was an art installation unto itself, where Hands presented its new collection and its brand ethos of design and craftsmanship in an enchanting and thought-provoking way.