Hands at Downtown Design Dubai 2022: a Celebration of the Unordinary

Posted on - 22 November 2022


Hands at Downtown Design Dubai 2022: a Celebration of the Unordinary

November 2022.

Two days prior to the opening of the Middle East’s most influential design fair, the air was already abuzz with news that had broken in the UAE’s leading English daily. The National prominently featured Hands’ recent project – the World’s Largest Handmade Carpet. A prototype and the making story of which would greet all visitors to the Hands booth, setting the tone for all things unordinary at C21, Dubai Design District.

A Rare Feat in Carpetmaking

A visual montage of the world’s largest handmade carpet alongside a 110 cm x 395 cm prototype of the actual carpet. These are what greeted the 20,000+ visitors at the Hands booth. While most stood mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the carpet, there were some who were awestruck by the facts being presented. That of it being a 12,000 m2 carpet with a medallion 70 m in diameter, crafted over a period of 6 months and installed in 50 days at the peak of the pandemic. Read the story of the world’s largest handmade carpet here.

‘The Persistence of Creation’

This installation art graced a wall of the Hands booth at Downtown Design. Here, threads of varied colours find their way off their spindle and into the carpet. Starting out as sole entities who eventually merge into the greater whole.

Forma II: the Art of the Universe

Unusual in shape and with deeply immersive narratives, Forma II carpets evoked awe and excitement among all present, as evident by the flurry of Instagram tags that continued long after the event concluded. The designs of these contemporary and transitional carpets are inspired by the grand mosaic of the universe.

EmpireX: the Persian Reborn

Visitors were pleasantly surprised to see EmpireX – a collection where the timeless Persian rug finds many a contemporary reinterpretation, with striking off-centre designs exquisitely hand knotted carpets in wool and pure silk.

In all, it was a memorable four days of immersive and warm interactions with customers, clients, designers and fellow exhibitors from the UAE and across the world. Many of which were carried forward to the Hands showroom (a ‘carpet heaven’ as described by a visitor to d3) located in Building 9, Dubai Design District
– a short 5 minutes’ walk from the event venue.

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