Hands at Downtown Design Dubai

Posted on - 27 December 2021


In November 2021, Hands participated in Downtown Design Dubai – the Middle East’s leading design fair. Where a French time-traveller, a transcontinental love story, a hidden city and more – awaited and enthralled visitors at the Hands booth #D14. Here are a few glimpses.

One Love to greet them all

'One World', the iconic 10th carpet from the Hands One Love collection welcomed visitors from across the world.

Unravelling the secrets of the city

URBANE II was one of the two Hands collections to be globally launched at the event. The hand tufted and hand knotted carpets of this collection draw design inspiration from the dynamic world of urban architecture.

Rococo makes a grand return

L’Ornement was the other collection to be globally launched. This collection features hand knotted carpets in hand spun wool and bamboo silk, that draw design inspiration from Rococo – the 18th century French art movement.

Can a sculpted 3D look be crafted from a 2D canvas?
Watch the video.

Q. What would you do if you found yourself facing a Hands carpet?

Hmm. We thought so too.

But the Hands phenomenon at Downtown Design wasn’t restricted to the Hands booth alone.

Presenting, 'Hala, Mareehk'

Metres away from the Hands booth, as part of the event’s UAE Designers Exhibition 2.0., a unique carpet, inspired by the UAE’s mission to Mars, was unveiled. ‘Hala, Mareehk’, or ‘Hello Mars’, is the work of boutique design firm Design Matter in collaboration with Hands. Reflecting the theme of hope, it was crafted incorporating 15% recycled PET yarn – an innovative, sustainable method of reusing plastic bottles and reducing their impact on the environment.

In all, it was an exciting week for Team Hands. Marked by warm interactions with customers, clients, and fellow exhibitors on a wide range of topics – from design, art and architecture to commerce, sustainability and space missions.

Here’s looking forward to more such interactions. Till then, a very merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all.