Forma II. The Art of the Universe

Posted on - 01 November 2022


An Exclusive New Collection That Reflects Upon The Grand Cosmos.

A celebration of the majestic design of the universe – the wonder of creation. Forma II captures the essence of the grand mosaic of the cosmos. The carpet designs illustrate mesmerizing geometry, awe-inspiring patterns, and surreal play of tones. Set in organic and unconventional shapes, it is inspired by forms terrestrial and beyond. Exquisitely hand knotted and hand tufted in wool and viscose, this collection of modern rugs radiates with a futuristic appeal and addresses all carpet flooring requirements.

Hand knotted carpets like the Gizem add an aesthetic twist to a space. Inspired by the dramatic and intricately sculpted form of the Grand Canyon, its earthy brown-gold hues lend warmth to any given space.

Inspired by the extraterrestrial, Eshe represents the many million jagged asteroids that orbit the sun. Frame it on a wall, leave it on the floor, this hand knotted carpet in wool and botanical silk provides a perfect opportunity to introduce art to a space wanting of it, thereby making it an indispensable home carpet.

Those seeking a carpet for the bedroom will rejoice upon discovering Chrysalis. This hand knotted carpet in wool and botanical silk mirrors the silhouette of the cocoon and evokes the promise of transformation. An ode to comfort and refinement it includes colour, texture, and pattern to a space, and subtly infuses a sense of calm security through its visual representation.

Feyre, hand tufted in botanical silk is inspired by the organic forms of the mushroom - a natural element symbolic of rebirth, rejuvenation, and regeneration. Its artistic abstraction creates an extraordinary visual interest in every space it is displayed at.

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