Contemporary minimalism by Hands Carpets showcases art in its truest form

Posted on - 21 June 2021


Contemporary minimalism by Hands Carpets reflects art in its truest form, showcasing rugs and carpets which feature muted colours and simple designs.

Redefining the trends of carpet flooring, these handmade rugs maintain simplicity in its form and function and omit the abundance of baroque furnishings while paring down design straight to its bare bones. Working on the crazy colour palettes, these designs go well with linear shapes exhibited in the form of classic and simple furniture pieces, adding a sense of elegance to a room which sets the home in a museum like state.

Hands’ contemporary yet elegant design patterns help each handmade carpet gain a special significance making it sacrosanct for you to choose your perfect decor.

Using the uncluttered design and styling with simple colour palettes for walls and flooring, Hands’ carpets for homes are available in neutral hues. However, blacks, whites, and grey add more pop while going with the minimalist approach following the theme ‘minimalism is cool’. The sleek look of these colours add a clean backdrop for furniture and decor.

These carpet designs when accommodated in spaces that are classic and traditional in nature, bring in the minimalism contemporary design theme, creating a sophisticated look where one can afford to splurge on unique statement pieces.

The wonderful thing about non-traditional home carpets available in contemporary designs is that art can be used to be added or subtracted, depending on the final look you are wanting to achieve. Art is certainly a great way to enhance the minimalist design pattern especially with clean cut monochrome work on a simple canvas. A fine silk rug in a minimalist design, for example, can be an excellent use of art, whether on the wall, as a display or as floor art. It can help balance the furniture and remove the need for an additional element that may have been otherwise required.

In this instance, let’s bring in stories of a few collections from Hands’ luxury carpets and rugs which reflect the contemporary minimalist design theme, showcasing statement pieces through its subtle styling.

The Urbane collection of luxury carpets and rugs has been designed keeping in mind the minimalistic & neo-classic décor taste, reflecting the core values of quality and craftsmanship of Hands carpets.

The collection is a range of Tibetan hand knotted carpets made in wool, pure silk and botanical silk. Going with its name, it stands synonymous to sophistication and refinement with every piece being a testimony to Hands’ unchanging quality and timeless designs. It comprises contemporary rugs in striking geometrical shapes and intricate abstract patterns that render an elegant yet modest touch to any space.

The next in series is the Lithology Collection comprising fine hand tufted carpets which are made of 100% Bamboo silk. The range emulates earth’s landforms through the infinite interplay of pile height variances, colours, textures, backgrounds, and craftsmanship. For example – the “Delta” is distinctively marked by multiple layers of colours while the “Spruce” is intentionally textured in frequent peaked shapes.

GraphX is yet another contemporary minimalist collection which is hand tufted and made of 100% Bamboo silk.

It uses luminous Botanical silk for the hand knotted rugs, and rich Bamboo silk for the hand tufted ones. The collection offers a range of graphic patterns from fluid to complex, and elegant to dramatic, in mesmerizing hues. They lend insight into the design process and give visual coherence to design through a graphic structure where geometric shapes and patterns are infinitely exciting both visually and subliminally.

Redefining essence of luxury and indulgence while exuding clean and crisp lines, these design trends are now a part of modern design movement, emerging as an exceptionally popular design style for carpets and rugs which can be easily incorporated into your living spaces.

So, if you are keen to give a chic look to your living spaces while adding design and architectural aesthetic to it, try following the fuss-free minimalist approach and bring in bedroom carpets and living room carpets from the carpet shops in Delhi to add character and texture to a room through its subtle styling.

The clean lines blending simple designs are sure to make the honest expressions, bringing elegance to a room creating spacious settings for smaller rooms and will be more prevalent when paired with larger, open spaces.

Contemporary minimalism by Hands Carpets promise to make your space look warm and welcoming. So, it’s better late than never…Get a rug of your choice to add a design story to your space.