Colours and Patterns: What’s Trending for Carpets in 2024



 This year, we are witnessing a captivating evolution in carpet trends that speaks volumes about our changing lifestyles and design sensibilities. They are no longer mere afterthoughts in interior design and have firmly established themselves as the quiet champions of our living spaces.

  What's particularly exciting about the carpet landscape this year is its remarkable versatility. We're seeing a harmonious coexistence of minimalist elegance and maximalist flair, timeless classics alongside contemporary designs. From soft neutrals that cocoon us in comfort to audacious patterns that spark conversation, this year's carpet trends underscore our growing desire for spaces that reflect our personalities and tell our stories.

 1. Nature-inspired palettes


The connection between interior spaces and the natural world remains strong in 2024. Carpets in earthy, organic hues are gaining popularity, with shades like sage green, terracotta, and warm browns dominating the scene. These colours not only create a soothing atmosphere but also complement a wide range of interior styles.
The sheer versatility of this hand tufted carpet from the Forma II collection, in fine botanical silk, casts an aura of subtle elegance. An exquisite addition to your home, it can complement a variety of spaces, from living rooms and entertainment areas to lounges, bedrooms, and even dining halls.

2. Jewel tones 


For those seeking to make a bold statement, jewel tones are making a dazzling comeback this year. Rich sapphire blues, deep emerald greens, and luxurious amethyst purples are being used to create striking focal points in both residential and commercial spaces. These statement colours work particularly well in larger rooms where they can truly shine without overwhelming the space. Consider placing them carpets in high-footfall areas like hallways or living rooms, as their dark palette can easily mask the effects of everyday wear.

3. Geometric resurgence


Geometric patterns continue to evolve in 2024, with a focus on softer, more organic interpretations of classic shapes. Hexagons, triangles, and circles interplay in subtle colour gradients, creating depth and interest without overwhelming the eye.

Drawing inspiration from the Ouse Valley Viaduct, this luxurious hand knotted carpet from the Urbane II collection, crafted from wool and botanical silk, uses geometric designs to capture the delicate balance of tradition, heritage, and modernity in urban architecture. It works exceptionally well in corporate environments, adding a touch of sophistication to office spaces while adding a degree of stability and softness through its clean lines and gently rounded corners.

4. A groovy 70s revival 

The retro revival in carpet trends this year is more than just a nod to the past – it's a celebration of an era that wasn't afraid to be bold, playful, and a little bit quirky. This trend embraces bold geometrics, playful patterns, and unapologetically vibrant colours. Think sunburst oranges, avocado greens, and blush pinks combined with oversized circles, wavy lines, and abstract shapes in contrasting colours. These hues and shapes, which once defined an era, can now breathe new life into contemporary spaces, offering a fresh take on nostalgic design.

 5. Abstract expressionism


Moving away from the 70s, abstract designs inspired by modern art are gaining traction. These carpets feature fluid shapes, unexpected colour combinations, and free-form patterns that serve as artistic statements in their own right. The beauty of these designs lies in their versatility – they can adapt to various interior styles, from minimalist to eclectic.

Like this hand tufted carpet from the Larry Roberts Collection. Made from fine New Zealand wool and Mulberry silk, this piece offers an artistic mode of self-expression, making a bold style statement while adding oodles of character to your space.

6. Biophilic motifs


Reflecting our growing desire to connect with nature, biophilic designs are making their way onto carpets. Expect to see patterns inspired by leaves, flowers, and even abstract interpretations of natural landscapes. These motifs often incorporate a mix of textures, adding a tactile dimension to the visual experience.

For those who enjoy experimenting with design, this hand tufted carpet from the Antonym Collection, made with botanical silk and wool, can effortlessly break the visual monotony of your living space while preserving its warm and inviting ambience.

 7. Oversized rugs


Large oversized rugs are asserting their presence. These rugs help define spaces in open layouts and command attention as central design elements. Their generous proportions can make a room look bigger, particularly enhancing minimalist and modern interior settings.

Like this hand tufted carpet from the Instinct collection, made with wool & botanical silk, creates a sense of continuity across the floor. It also serves as a captivating focal point, effortlessly blending artistry with functionality in contemporary interiors.