Add Character to your Room via Our Designer Carpets !

Posted on - 06 April 2021


Do you know that carpets and rugs have the ability to add character to your room by defining and redefining your living space?

Are you aware that carpets and rugs can turn walls and floors of your house lively by making them speak the story of art?

Surprised, but then it is true that carpets bring an element of style to your room. They redefine its look and feel by adding pattern and colours to your wall and floors with a themed-classy work.

If you are the first-time buyer of carpets/rugs, we share the significant facts related to designer carpets here which might enhance your knowledge on these pieces of craftsmanship available at “Hands” in impressive textures, eye catchy patterns and stoic colours.

Basically, carpets and rugs enliven hallways connecting your rooms which otherwise have a tendency to look dead as unwelcoming spaces. Depicting stories of elegant ageless artistry, carpets can further help reinforce, and create a more cohesive feel and look to your room by bringing in design schemes. They introduce pattern to neutral spaces and provide your room with a sense of character and personality.

Carpets are objet d’art in their own right and can also be hanged on your walls, serving the purpose of being wall carpets too. Being on a wall ensures that walls of your room reflect warmth while narrating a beautiful story of its design and inspiration. Carpets also make a great way of holding space together in your home. Placing large carpets can separate rooms and act as a defining wall.

Carpets with geometric or floral patterns can be used for décor purposes creating a theatrical effect in your room. With these designs, they create a luxurious surface and a bold statement. You might also be surprised to know that carpets, in present times, are being designed with a 3-dimensional quality to provide visual depth and interest. These living room carpets can further make your room look more like fab boho by accentuating its style. They also create a sensation of warmth and hence have been an essential part of home interior design and decoration.

In this context, let’s quote the reference of the best carpets available at Hands carpets stores which communicate stories of their design themes by making your living space look lively and communicative.

The stories which come live via the design of these carpets make your floor and wall look attractive and ensure that you feel proud as you walk on a rich artistry.

The two collections, namely, Contemporary Carpets and Persian Rugs introduced by Hands, are both available with unique features and hence add different pattens to the rooms. While the Persian carpets available at the Hands carpet store add an unmistakable warmth and coziness to your space, the Contemporary carpet designs, available in diverse trends, reflect new, diverse, thematic and stylistic themes. As the Persian carpet collection of Hands brings a piece of history into your home, the Contemporary collection of the brand brings in powerful imagery, attractive texture, drama, playfulness and elegance.


The custom rugs from Hands fits into the needs of your rooms and marries sophistication and creativity effortlessly.

So, if you are keen to redefine and refine your living space, walk into the Hands store to get the designer carpets available in every size, pattern, color, and material which speak stories of handcrafted luxury.