A Totally Unexpected Wall Art

Posted on - 14 June 2019


We believe in the old truisms that a home is incomplete without an art. And we also believe in the saying that normal is boring. Therefore we bring you ideas and solutions for the new 'Wall-Art'

For years, carpets are a game changer on how a room looks and feels. They can either sit in harmony with our space, or they can make a statement by adding an element of surprise. Well, who doesn't love surprises? But have you ever tried using a carpet on the wall versus the floor? If yes, did you like the result? Well, nothing beats carpet design for its wealth, textures and patterns. And most importantly, some carpets are so beautiful that banishing them as carpet flooring seems like a tragedy.
Redefining the trend, rugs and carpets have a texture and an innate quality as compared to any flat wall-art. Hanging a carpet on the wall is a creative way to lend depth and warmth as well as a perfect three-in-one design solution for any blank wall in need of a boost.
It has also been top favourite with many stylists and interior designers to choose life-size carpets as a focal point of the living space. It gets easier to decide the rest of the décor when the statement is made already!


Go big or bold, small or understated, make sure that the hues blend seamlessly with your décor. A fusion of colours will lend a rich appeal to your space but that doesn't mean to go overboard. Generally most people opt for vintage rugs since they have a nostalgic and raw appeal that goes well with modern as well as contemporary décor. For achieving similar effect, you can visit our carpet showroom in Delhi, Mumbai for a range of vintage looking carpets. You can just ask for living room carpets or home carpets at our exclusive carpets range like xxx, xxxx, xxx.
Though rich neutral tones go with about anything, but you can also opt for navy blue, burgundy, dark greys, red etc. If you are looking for luxury carpets in these range, opt for xxx, xxx, xxx


A carpet carrying an abstract pattern or looking like a painting is an ideal choice for the walls. However, maximalism being the trend last year, you can also go for heavy on patterns carpets like xxxx, xxxx. You can also check on modern carpet design if you have a modern décor.
Carpets or rugs that are graphical or figurative will also add drama to the décor. You can opt for geometrical patterns for an oomph factor. Choose from our luxury or contemporary carpet range such as xxx, xxx, xxx amongst many others or visit our showroom in Delhi.


It is extremely important to choose the carpet that is right in size as well as fabric and thread. For a medium sized living space, it is advisable to go for a rug sized 4X6 ft, however a rug sized 8V10ft will add drama to very large rooms. Usually, beautiful hand knotted rugs are best suited for the walls. You can also opt for kilims, which are flat weave and made be nomads and have an ethnic feel. If budget is a constraint, you can choose hand-tufted for an amazing feel.


Hanging rug is not just to make a statement, it can also help in cutting noise and act as a perfect room divider. All you need to know is the right installation so that your rug is not curling from any corners. Nail it on the wall or hang it with rods, get ready for a fearless combination of style and aesthetics!