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Palaces, Hotels and Residences

From royal palaces to quaint residences, across 5 continents - we’ve handled projects of every scale.

Before the rug comes the process. The most crucial thing about developing a carpet for any project, whatever the size, is really the process that takes it from start to finish. Correct evaluation and planning of the site - Every detail taken into account: corners, the flooring, converging walls and so much more.

Manufacturing handmade perfection. At Patodia, we’ve shaped this into a precise science.

Our own in-house design studio to create original, beautiful, bespoke design A production capacity of over 25,000, square meters per month The very best of materials, from exotic silk, to fine New Zealand wool Our own experienced installation team to finish the job at the site.

The Grand Mosque of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Nur Sultan

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert- UAE

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert- UAE Hotel carpets

ST Regis - Mumbai

ST Regis - Mumbai Hotel carpets



J W Marriott Aerocity-New Delhi

J W Marriott Aerocity-New Delhi Hotel carpets


Intercontinental-Hongkong Hotel carpets

Nathan Outlaw, At Burj Al Arab - Dubai

Nathan Outlaw, At Burj Al Arab - Dubai Hotel carpets

Istana Negara Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Istana Negara Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Hotel carpets

SWISSOTEL- Singapore

SWISSOTEL- Singapore Hotel carpets

W Amman, Amman - Jordan

W Amman, Amman - Jordan Hotel carpets

Bvlgari Penthouse, Dubai

Bvlgari Penthouse, Dubai Hotel carpets

Residence, India

Residence, India Hotel carpets


Custom-made Hotel carpets

JW Marriott, Delhi

JW Marriott, Delhi  Hotel carpets

OMA Living, Delhi

OMA Living, Delhi  Hotel carpets

Shangrila, Bangalore

Shangrila, Bangalore Hotel carpets

Residence, Delhi

Residence, Delhi Hotel carpets

Ritz Carlton, Singapore

Ritz Carlton, Singapore Hotel carpets

St. Regis, Mumbai

St. Regis, Mumbai Hotel carpets

Private Villa, Dubai

Private Villa, Dubai Hotel carpets

Residence, Gurgaon

Residence, Gurgaon Hotel carpets

Residence, USA

Residence, USA Hotel carpets


Project Showcase

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Nathan Outlaw, at Burj Al Arab, Dubai, is one of the most iconic and finest dining destinations in the city. Adorning its shark aquarium theme based restaurant is one of our elegant yet thematic masterpieces. The inspiration of the design for the carpet in the restaurant comes from the shades of water and coral life, so as to keep it in sync with the overall ambience and look of the restaurant.

The custom-made hand tufted carpet was manufactured to the required shape, size and colours and features the vibrancy and calmness of aqua life in a beautifully detailed manner.